Free Speech is Under Attack in the US

I just read this article in the LA Weekly about a new Censor Alert in which the Republican's in control of our government are attempting to make pretty sweeping changes to what you can see and hear and read on cable TV and the internet.

The man spearheading this assault is Ted Stevens, an old Republican Senator. They are working to pass an "indecency" bill that will regulate radio and TV broadcasters that includes a harsh government imposed ratings system.

Sadly, a TIME poll this week showed that more Americans favor more censorship. Fifty three percent want stricter censorship of sex and violence. Forty nine percent want the FCC regs to extend to basic cable, including MTV and E! (not that I give a shit about either of those channels since they both blow red hot donkey chunks).

But the part that bothers me is that he wants to extend these new "decency" laws to the internet. Regardless of the fact that its not within our right or power to control, the internet is a global entity, it cannot be subjected to the asshattish whims of one old man who thinks two piece swimsuits are the devil's work.

When you cannot address your critic's claims directly, silence them by subterfuge. These fucks are brazenly assaulting the fundamental tenets of what this country was founded on because they are attempting to appeal to an ever more fucking old-time-religion fundamentalist movement that thinks creationism is just as likely as evolution.

I'm all for disclosure, I'm all for rounding up the false journaliststs, I'm all for truth in reporting but I am completely opposed to allowing the stupid old one-foot-in-the-grave Washington dinkbags to tell me that I'm no longer allowed to speak my mind because it bothers them. FUCK YOU, TED STEVENS, FUCK YOU AND YOUR FUCKING MORAL SUPERIORITY (no skeletons in your closets? I'm sure. Just like what's his name, Strom "Black People are Inferior but Don't Look in my Past and Find my Illegitimate half-black daughter" Thurmond).

The hypocrisy would be laughable if it weren't so fucking deadly serious what they are trying to do.