California's Finest in Action

Let's describe a scenario and see if you end up wanting to use a stun gun, pepper spray and baton on an unarmed kid.

You are a cop and recieve a call that there's a suspicious person in a neighborhood. You arrive, see the alleged perp, call out to him, he doesn't respond but its apparent that there's something not quite right with him. He doesn't look like a bum, doesn't stink like urine, doesn't have holey clothes and looks like he's combed his hair this year.

Do you tell him to stop a couple of times and then bring the beat down? If you're a cop in Mountain Gate, California, you do. Deputies beat autistic teen on mistaken ID.

Nice work, officers. You beat the shit out of an unarmed and harmless autistic kid. I hope all the cops involved lose their jobs, are sued for damages and end up going to prison for the incredibly bad judgment they displayed in assaulting this kid. Seriously, WTF? is wrong with law enforcement these days? They are so ready to bring out the beat sticks, its scary. I half expect a beating when I get pulled over for a traffic violation.

[Update: Upon reflection and Easy's comment, I've rethought my initial reaction to this article and actually believe that, given the circumstances, the kid is pretty lucky to be alive. In this day and age of shoot first and ask questions at the trial, this kid did everything wrong (unknowingly but hindsight's a bitch, ain't it?) and ended up being injured but did not get dead as could have easily happened. The blame for his escape lies with his family for A) not making sure he was safely secured and B) not informing all of their neighbors about his condition and what to do if he did happen to get "out" (makes him sound like a dog).

Apologies for the knee-jerk reaction, I'm human and am prone to making an error here or there (you can't see it but I mistyped there a second ago).]