Better Still Isn't Well

I'm better. Not well but I am better. I've basically spent the last 48 hours or so fighting a nasty pukey and poo-ey flu bug.

Sunday was a nightmare of burning stomach pain and useless but unstoppable dry heaves. Monday was the slow process of starting to unknot my stomach muscles that had been so abused the day before and sleep and eating and lots and lots of water intake as my hydration levels had gotten dangerously low.

I remember seeing something on the Discovery Channel not so long ago about the effects of dehydration and how to rough gauge it. The easy way to do it is to observe the color of your urine. The closer to brown (oh yeah, it gets there) the closer you are to serious issues arising from lack of proper hydration. I never even got close to a tan but I did pass all the way through the yellows and that was plenty enough for me. I forced myself to drink bottles of water in order to start to rebalance my body. I am still forcing myself to drink lots of water. From Saturday afternoon to Monday afternoon, I lost around 10 pounds, mostly water weight but some mass as I ate effectively nothing for a day and a half.

And my boss is peeved that I called in sick yesterday, I think. Even though it would have been an extraordinarily ugly day if I had come in, nothing like puking on clients to make that big impression.

I'm not well but I am better.

My dear wife is not well right now either but her issues are not health, they are employment based. I will devote a full post to her situation once the stoppers have been removed. For now, I can just say that a company attempting to break into the Top 500 Best Companies in America to Work For should really be paying one hell of a lot more attention to the grumbling in the trenches. Disgruntled employees do not a Top 500 company make.