Better Isn't Well But It Sure Is Better

I was hopeful that I'd wake up feeling like a million bucks and the nightmare that was Easter 2005 would be behind me. And, in many ways, it has passed but I guess I'm still being tossed around in the wake of that nasty flu bug.

Ths short story is that I'm home today, sick and recovering. Trying to take in some fluids and get back to hydrated. I was finally able to eat some toast a little while ago, my first solid food since Saturday.

It feels like someone slipped a cannonball into my stomach when I wasn't looking because my belly is an unhappy and heavy ball of anger.

And, to make matters worse, a spider decided to stop by the bed last night and sink its fangs into me. It bit me seven times on my elbow which has pretty much made my elbow its own special little ball of fury.

So, needless to say, I'll be trying to recover today. And, when I'm feeling slightly more peppy than now, I'm going on a damned spider hunt.

[Update: Now that the swelling has gone, the bite count has risen substantially from 7 to 15 bites. That spider will be good fun to squash when I do find him.]