Beached Wolfschmidt

Beached Wolfschmidt
Originally uploaded by Johnny Huh.
One of my favorite aspects of living near the ocean is the ability to walk the beach after those huge winter storms. The debris and detritus is fascinating and there are always excellent photo ops that present themselves.

On this day, the beach had been literally covered all the way up and down its length. Among the many neat shots I got, there was this one of a nearly full bottle of Wolfschmidt vodka. Wolfschmidt is, for those that aren't knowing, a big step down from crap vodkas like Popov.

I did not open the bottle and sample the vodka within. I may be reckless but I would not call myself delusionally stupid.

This week's new Digital Photo Challenge is: In The Beginning.... Not sure what that means and they aren't telling so its an open to interpretation challenge. Time to get out for some lunch and see if I can find the winnah!