Looks like today might be another day to bust out the rainy day music jams and see if something can lift my mood from the cellar.

I'm tired today and I'm sure that'll make the day go by lots faster. The wind and rain last night made Nande all loopy and antsy which kept me up much later than I needed to be. That plus I didn't grind any coffee for this morning means no boot to the pants to get the day going.

So here I sit at a quarter to ten with heavy eye lids and a press release to bash into something like shape.

The rain has been pretty well non stop for the last week or so now and its getting tiresome to deal with. I'm ready to roll out my bike and get some miles on it. And, in the meantime, I'm hunting for some new riding gear, protective pants or a full Aerostich suit.

I wish our Softub would get here!