9/11 Commission Report: Same Obfuscation, Different Day

So the new 9/11 Commission Report has been released this morning and the story has barely changed. Intelligence agencies were acting like high school kids, following their own agendas that didn't necessarily have anything to do with national security and instead had to do with not sharing important information between agencies.

Congress screwed up, I saw Ellen Tauscher on Mornings on 2 this morning taking responsibility for her own failings in dealing with the lead up and aftermath of the attacks. And she, like me, wants the White House to own up to its own failings.

But they won't. They can't admit that they screwed up becuase that just might cause the whole house of cards to tumble down around them. How did Bush and Company screw things up? Not taking the handover briefings to heart was a bad start, the Texas shoot out mentality of let's just start killing and sort out who did what to us later was another stupid step, invading Iraq on the flimsiest of pretexts was a colossally stupid step for American-kind (with a nod to Neil Armstrong) and not capturing the planners of the attacks is yet another big fuck up.

Committing US soldiers to about ten years of occupying Iraq while we stabilize the country after feeding it through a bloody shredder may just be the act that undoes ShrubCo.

The utter incapability for owning up to screw ups is probably the most aggravating regime flaw right now, aside from spending money as absolutely as fast as possible, not even bothering to cover up the old boy crony network with the rebuilding Iraq contracts and Bush/Cheney's deep financial ties to Halliburton, the Bush family's ties to the Saudi royal family and the bin Ladens and then let's turn an eye back to the USA. How has BushCo run his re-election campaign? Like the most filthy smear-happy steaming pile it is. He knows he can't get re-elected on his own merits so let's try to show how utterly incompetent the other guy is and see if we can trick a nation again. Only problem is that even a retarded chimpanzee with an obsessive nose picking and ass sticking disorder looks more competent than these blowhard assfuck morons in control now.

And yeah, that is a rant and I stand by it. If the GOP wants to spew hate and bile and divide (while promising to unite, what a pissing crock of shit!) and fatten up their friends while raping the country, then fuck them, let's take the gloves off. I'll go up against some fat fuckknob Resmuglican asshole and kick his damned freshly whitened teeth in. And then I'll go and key his new Benz, scratch the face on his Rolex and feel up his mistress.

Oh yeah, not like anyone with a 'Net connection, a pulse and even a mote of political interest hasn't already seen this but hey, let's post it anyway! Jib Jab: This Land in which they mock both Bush and Kerry. Well done, good stuff and only mildly disturbing.