Positive Movement Through the Debris
Last night was the first night we've had to really start plowing through the piles of boxes that are strewn throughout the downstairs. The first night to start to make some order out of the chaos. The first of the fishtanks came in last night, the smaller of the two, and another small load of stuff from the other apartment as the percent of completeness gets ever closer to 100. One more fish tank, some curtains, some other things and our wedding oil and everything off the patio and its a done deal!

After some initial hassles with the DSL and phone idiots who are trying to charge us for a service call in which they did nothing and P ended up wiring up the phones and getting them operational after the technician failed for the second time. So, yes, we have phone service to the house. Now we get to wait a day or two more to find out about the DSL hook up. No word on cable yet either but it'll likely be into next week given their history.

I organized my office space upstairs. The room now contains both computers and my Bowflex, all set up so that I can get workouts in while downloading music or chatting online or whatever. Next step is to see if I can slip a bike in there so I can get it on the trainer and have the entire space worked out. P wants her computer put into the closet because she hasn't been using it much lately and that'll free up more floor space and still give her access to it.

I emptied something like fifteen boxes of stuff all over the house, many boxes in the kitchen, which has been all but unusable up until now. Now we have a stove and cook top, counters that are starting to be cleared off and floor space to manuveur in. The living room is still a disaster area without much organization but I'll get on that tonight even though I think we need another couch or one of those one and a half chairs that I can't find a picture of right now, they're in between a loveseat and an oversized stuffed chair.

But my first task upon arriving at home is to get the washer and dryer hooked up and running. We've got some seriously dangerous piles of laundry awaiting a cleaning and don't even ask about what I'm doing for socks right now, its just too gross to discuss. It shouldn't be too hard to do and I went to OSH last night and got a nice level to make them all plumb. Side note, I saw and listened to one of the most assholish customers I've seen in a long time, he berated a worker for about twenty minutes and then took his bitch to the store manager, all the while proclaiming that he was writing a letter to corporate. I wanted to tell the guy to lighten the fuck up but just got my shit and went. I also picked up a cool saw to assault the way oversized bush in the backyard. I'll snap pics of before and after because I think it will be drastic. And fun.

We're going to have an open house at the other apartment this weekend while we're there cleaning it out. If we can refill the place then we'll save about $600 and that's plenty of incentive to get it going. And there's the nice juicy security deposit we're looking at as well. Which is, yet another fringe benefit about buying a house, there are no more security deposits!