Funky Freak Time Wasters
Hey there, industri-ite comrade citizen? Are you working too hard and forgetting to stop and play with the roses? Then you need to take a few minutes and engage in some truly mindless Teletubbies style colorful and pointedly pointless fun at Boohbah. Thanks to Mr. Mark Morford for the linky joy. By the way, I'm astonished at the level of crudeness in his hate mail. People might actually get their point across if they stopped for a moment and made even a passing attempt at forming a complete sentence before rattling off at the mouth. But some of it is so mind numbingly unashamedly stupid that its hard to take any of it seriously.

Or, if you need to scratch your head and wonder how THEY did that, then go hit up Rareeffect. Or Addicting Game for a whole bunch (and I really do mean a WHOLE bunch) of games to waste your day away with. Some didn't work but there are so many to choose from that I'm sure you'll be well entertained until your boss catches you and has you frogmarched out the door by security.