Is Intellectual Poison Good or Evil?
Came across the Gematriculator, a system that assigns numerical values to letters to generate a good or evil value (yeah, makes about as much sense as astology to me). And it has the Holy Bible as its baseline guideline of absolute truth. Take it with a big grain of salt, like a salt like sized grain.
Found via J-Walk Blog.

Strangely, his blog and Intellectual Poison have the exact same ratio, 66% Good and 34% Evil. Makes me wonder what things have to look like to be more evil than good.
This site is certified 66% GOOD by the Gematriculator and This site is certified 34% EVIL by the Gematriculator

But hey, whatever, another fun 'Net toy to mess around with. You can also check a particular passage if you're curious if the Holy Numerologist's consider what you've written to be evil or not. I don't see myself losing much sleep over it either way. Ooooh, Layne's blog is one percent more evil than Intellectual Poison. What about Mr. Rhodes? Geez, he's an altar boy with 73% goodness to him. And Gudy Two Shoes is really good at 70%.

Damn, now I want to find an evil blog! So far, the most evil website I've been able to find is Intellectual Properties at a whopping 39% evil.

I don't think its possible, according to the logic rules they've set up to actually score more than 50% evil. Maybe I'm wrong though. Maybe I should find a blog dedicated to worshipping serial murderers and see if that makes the grade for evil. Nope, that didn't work either. Oh well, just another stupid 'Net toy. Anyone find an evil blog? Let me know.