Go Here for Kobe's Victim Pics
There are pics available of the woman who has accused Kobe Bryant of sexual assault. [Snipped content, see below.] And on another site, Colonel-Sanders, here's the best pic of her I've yet seen (she's the one on the left though I'm less and less sure its her). [Update: Apparently, according to this newstory the four pics at The Event Magazine are NOT Katelyn Faber as had been reported. As such, I've pulled all but the one pic left that is, if its to be believed, is really Katelyn Faber.]

All I've gotta say is that she's great looking in her pics, if they are to be believed. And that its a shame that her life has been forever mutated by this event and pending trial. People will hate her and love her for this without ever having any idea of who she is. Just sad really. And sad for the guy who gets to be the nameless guy in the vest with a tie and no shirt on, bummer that.

And to reiterate, I don't know if Kobe is guilty of raping her but all signs seem to indicate that the sex was less than wholly consensual.