Versace goes Dumpster Diving
Teen pop tramp Christina Aquilera and Versace Combine Forces to Speed up Total Cultural Collapse.

Actually, Versace just hired her to be their face model or something. I hope they make a special amendment in the contract to force her to take that oversized stupid looking boulder out of the side of her nose. And maybe dress her up a little more so she doesn't look so much like a ten dollar whore as a fifty dollar whore.

Am I being mean to her for a reason? Sure, she's a mildly talented, trash queen who thinks she's the second coming of Aphrodite. But she's boring, she's droll and she's more trampy than sexy. But then, I'm not her target demographic anymore now, am I?

By the way, the rotating nudie girl below is distracting the hell of out me as I write this. Note: Had to chop the rotating nudie chickie, but here's her URL, take a peekie or just hit up the Mint (and Billy's asking his girl to marry him, or asked as this probably happened last night so give him some kindness while you're over there).