Real Doll Love Story
From the always entertaining guys over at The Fabulous Mint 400 comes the Real Doll.

But go check them out, Billy's posted a few pics of the vacuous cum dumpsters, oh wait, I'm sorry, Five Thousand Dollar Vacuous Cum Dumpsters.

And just to help balance out the smackdown, check out SexEsteem for some positive reinforcement or something. Or go and check out hot chicks who play vids at GamerChicks (at least they say they like to play vids). It is a pop up site so click it at your own risk and it is a pay for flesh site so maybe just avoid it altogether. Or just check out the opener page.

New Drink Recipes Going Up
I'm adding my mother's recipe for Russion Tea to the drink recipe page. Its totally simple but really tastes good on a cold night.
Russian Tea - Equal parts powdered Tang and instant Iced Tea in a mug, add hot water and drink. Could add some alcohol to it but haven't done that in the past, I'd think Vodka would work, maybe a spiced rum too and possibly even something crazy like Laird's Applejack Whiskey if you're feeling it.
Maybe I should add it to the drinks page instead? Yeah.

And I should also add my recipe for Bullshot. It sounds gross but is actually really good, especially if you're at an outdoor event in the winter and need some heated drinks to stay warm with. And the vodka doesn't hurt either.

Bullshot - equal parts (or ratios to taste) of tomato juice (or V-8) and broth (beef, chicken, vegetable, whatever) heated up together and then spiked with some vodka to taste. Pour it all in a good Thermos and enjoy yourself out there in whatever winter chill you live in. I'll have to hold off until I go back east or up north as its been gorgeous out here lately..