Nature Makes Pink Floyd Look Lame
Or any of those other bands that got really heavily into the laser light shows for their concerts. Are they still doing those? Who knows, I've not been to any big shows in a long time.

But Mother Nature took the show last night. As I was heading over to the old house for the final load of stuff (oh yeah, FINAL LOAD! WOOOOOOOT!) I happened to look up and saw an arc of a rainbow. Pretty cool but as I turned my head to follow it, the rainbow was fully across the entire sky. I buzzed down the street to my old house and scampered up on to the roof with my camera to snap pics for as long as I could. It was so bright and vibrant that there were reflections of itself on both ends. One end appeared to be going straight into the top of the lighthouse on the harbor mouth. Truly astonishing to see. And equally so were the hordes of people who just flowed out of their houses to bear witness. All the way up and down the street, people on porches, decks, by their cars, stopped in mid step on the sidewalks. All agog at the natural light show we were lucky enough to see.

Later on, when I was out front above the beach (the waves were ripping too!) I snapped a bunch more pictures and happened to get one of my new favorites. I didn't have time to post them this morning on account of the dial up but will toss them up online this evening. The new cool pic is of my friend Courteney gesturing towards the camera with the entire sky looking like its on fire behind her, deep, mysterious reds and black clouds. Its wicked really. I think I'm going to make a best pics page for the blog. Or a post card style pics page. Its that cool, really.

New Idolatrous Word
Came up with a new word this morning while commenting over on Layne's site. MainLayneing - the desire to take Plain Layne and freebase it like crack or find some other way to get it from 'net to brain faster than current methods. Word invented in response to her query about whether or not to go RSS feed of her site. Will be added to the

Latest Wacky Japanese Craze? USB Toothbrushes
From Esther, purveyor of all internet wackiness and forwarder extraordinaire (among her many and varied talents) comes this USB toothbrush from Japan.
USB Toothbrush