Good Article on Blogging
Courtesy of Carlene's Stilleto Philosophy, comes this article in the Baltimore Sun about blogging's growing impact in the external world.

The best example of blogging power is the removal of Trent Lott from power because of his publicly racist comments. Picked up and posted on InstaPundit and propogated like internet wild fire across all spectrums of blogs (including my own minor corner of cyberspace).

I'm not sure where I fit in the blogging universe and don't really care. I blog because I like it and enjoy the feedback from readers. Its a better form of interaction with the internet masses. Its my vent (The Spammies is definitely a venting blog, witness my daily spammer invectives).

Funny Blogging Ideas
I think I want to try a Yoda day on the blog sometime where I try to write everything for that day as if I were Yoda. I'm sure there's a Yoda-lizer out there on the web to do it for me but I like the concept writing exercise from time to time.

I also want to create a 5 Worst Things List for the blog.

Oh yeah, has anyone else noticed the proliferation of Safeway banners lately? They are everywhere and they're advertising home delivery. Sounds like someone used the shock paddles on the WebVan model.