APB for Don Johnson aka Sonny Crocket aka Nash Bridges
Found this on Post-Atomic about Don Johnson, the actor, being stopped in Germany with $8 BILLION dollars worth of credits, money and other goodies in his car.

Ummm, why in the hell would anyone be travelling with THAT much cash?

Anyway, its been verified that this is a real story by several outlets. Like Miami.com and CBC.Ca (Canuck news agency) and UPI and lots of others, check out Google News: Don Johnson for more on this incredibly bizarre story.

Although it does look like this was blown way out of proportion, there's got to be some shred of merit to it. We'll have to wait and see.
Not that anyone would notice if a shitty show like Nash Bridges was dropped from the airwaves. Its like an hour long yawn. Especially when compared to taut real cop drama shows like The Shield, now THAT'S a show!